New Hospital Coming Early 2020!

We’re so excited to announce that Clarksburg Animal Hospital will be moving to a brand new space in early 2020! Dr. Greta has been hard at work over the last 2 years designing a customized animal hospital with a primary focus on reducing anxiety in both pets and humans during their visits with us. We also want our human clients to feel at home and the entire facility utilizes designs and finishes to look and feel more residential and not so commercial. We finally have all our regulatory approvals from Montgomery County and will be moving forward with construction in the coming months.

Front View

The new address will be 26221 Prescott Road, Clarksburg, MD 20871

**Updates on construction**

Features of the New Location:

  • It’s on about 5.5 acres (3.5 of which are in Forest Preservation) across from Little Bennett Golf Course off Lewisdale Road and near Montgomery County’s Little Bennett Regional Park on the outskirts of Clarksburg. We are also closer to our friends in Frederick County.
  • Easier to get in and out of the entrance compared to our current entrance along Route 355.
  • Quiet and peaceful — no traffic and nuisance from neighboring businesses.
  • Spend less time sitting at traffic lights on your way to visit us and enjoy a more peaceful trip without really changing your commute time to our hospital.
  • The entire design is a reflection of the personalized care that we provide to pets and their humans. Our building’s look will finally match the care we provide – the look and the feel come together!

Benefits to Pet Owners:

  • More exam rooms allow us to minimize time in the waiting room, let you to settle into a room quickly and even get you checked out in there as well. They’re unique and designed to keep the visit fun and interesting for pets and owners alike.
  • More time for the person answering the phone and checking email means more personal attention when you contact us and when you are visiting our animal hospital.
  • Continued flexibility with drop off/pick up for surgeries, dental cleanings and testing that requires drop off.
  • A cozy front porch with sitting areas and shelter from bad weather as you enter.
  • Homey décor and furniture with a quirky touch to express our uniqueness and sense of humor.
  • A small convenience area with a mini-fridge and coffee maker in the reception area.
  • Parking that isn’t affected by neighboring businesses.

Right/Driveway Side

Pet-Focused Care:

  • More areas to house patients to keep them calm while they stay with us, minimal time in the reception area with up to 4 exam rooms (compared to the 2 we have now).
  • An additional “Comfort Room” – a room set up more like a living room with a small fenced garden outside of it for meetings, behavior consultations, euthanasias, and possible physical therapy and acupuncture in the near future.
  • The outdoor garden and a corner of the porch provides an option for outdoor exams in most weather conditions for those pets more comfortable outside.
  • A Large Dog Exam room with close access to a side entrance that doesn’t cross the reception area for those dogs who are reactive when they see other dogs.
  • A designated Cat Exam room with things of interest and calming to cats and a window to look out towards a grass area with woods behind it.
  • A separate Dental Suite for taking care of those teeth.
  • Kennels designed more like luxury boarding spaces than a hospital kennel ward — complete with white noise machines.
  • Some of the cat kennels will have views out the back of the kennel through a window looking the same direction as the cat room. All cat kennels will be separated significantly from the dogs for more peace and quiet for our kitty friends.

Left/Lewisdale Road Side

Green Features:

  • Geothermal HVAC – no fossil fuel usage!
  • It’s built specifically for lower energy and water usage, including motion sensor LED lighting, reflective roof shingles, good insulation and low maintenance landscaping.
  • Stormwater management will meet Montgomery County’s stringent stormwater protection rules to protect nearby creeks and our larger waterways.
  • We’re recycling both during construction and once the facility is open — paper, cardboard, batteries and metal.
  • Digital medical records will be implemented to reduce waste and make things easier for pet parents.
  • Our water usage has been proven to be significantly less than the average residential usage and lowers the impact to water aquifers and our septic system.
  • Tankless water heaters where we need them.