Managing Costs

Pets bring us great joy and many health benefits, so it is only fair that we take care of their health in return. The cost of veterinary care is certainly a concern and we have many ways that we help to manage costs and keep you on budget as much as possible.You have found a Vet in Clarksburg that provides great care, excellent communication and takes the time to listen. You will quickly realize that our veterinary care is a spectacular value. We are eager to show you why we are the best!

Moderate Pricing

If you shop our individual items, you will probably discover that we aren’t the cheapest and we aren’t the most expensive either. We keep our prices moderate and reasonable and our value high. You have lots of time with the veterinarian in our 30 minute appointments and our well educated team helps you throughout your visit. Our dental and surgical prices follow the same philosophy.

​Smaller Total Bills

Even though our individual item prices aren’t the least expensive that you come across, you will have lower total costs. We don’t try to upsell you. We don’t push procedures, products or labwork that your pet doesn’t need in order to boost the bottom line. We take time to explain the options you have so that you can make better short and long term choices to keep your costs down.

​Beware of the Coupon Vets

We don’t mail out attractive coupons and then charge you for more things than you really need. We hear of this happening time and time again at other hospitals. We believe in building long term relationships based in trust and honesty. We want happy customers to come back regularly and trust us. We rely on gaining clients through community outreach, our online and social media presence, referrals from satisfied clients and the wonderful word-of-mouth that we have rightfully earned by serving you since 2004!

Pet Insurance

We are proponents of Pet Insurance from the right company (click here for our recommendations). No one likes paying for insurance, but it is a reality of life. Most of us don’t experience a disaster that gives us a return on our insurance premiums, but we are very grateful to have the insurance if we ever need it.

Pet Insurance has been compared to car insurance. The rate you pay is risk based. The age and breed of your pet are the factors considered instead of your age, marital status and driving record. You usually have a deductible and a maximum payout for each year. It is a great way to ensure that you can provide the care you would like to provide for your pet. The best thing to do is choose the highest deductible you can afford to keep your premiums as low as possible over the long term

Occasional Specials for Our Clients

A few times a year we will highlight different themes of care that we want to encourage. In order to do this, we provide a small discount for those services during a specified time period – usually a month. We have a Dental Month in February as well as a Young at Heart month (for Senior care) twice a year. We even time one of our Young at Heart months so labwork qualifies as pre-surgical for Dental Month. It gives you an easy way to double your savings. Stay tuned to our Website or our Social Media pages for details on these special offers.

Veterinary Specialists

We would like to be able to do everything your pet might ever need, but we can’t. Thankfully this area is rich with specialists of all sorts to tend to your pet. We help guide you through the process and give you reasonable expectations on costs and the process. Sometimes we can do follow-up instead of the specialist to keep your budget down. This is another area where Pet Insurance can make a huge difference in managing unexpected costs.​


We know the cost of medications, food and preventatives add up. We also know the costs of problems that result from not utilizing these products properly or regularly. We have always worked hard to keep the costs of all the things you need reasonable and guide you to the best choices for your budget and concerns. We cannot physically stock everything that every patient might need and that has limited our options in the past.

We now have VetsFirstChoice available as a home delivery option for medications, supplements, food and preventatives. It allows us to offer you more choices than we could possibly stock in our hospital. That means you have more ways to keep your budget down while still receiving safe guaranteed products. Just like us, VetsFirstChoice isn’t the cheapest you will find on every price, but everything is safe and guaranteed and we will guide you to places to save. We receive a small portion of every sale, so you are still supporting us even though you are getting products online.

​​Referral Program

We appreciate your referrals! If you refer someone to us and they let us know, you will both get a $25 credit to use with us at their first visit! It’s a great way to save on your veterinary care.

App Rewards and Specials

We have our own App! Once you download our App you will get Loyalty Stamps for purchases within 24 hours of your download and then for any purchases from us or our Online Store. After you collect 16 stamps, you will receive a $100 credit with us to use at a future visit. See the App for more details. We will also offer limited time discounts for some services that will only be advertised through the App. Don’t miss these savings!