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  • We’ve been the Best Vet in Clarksburg since we opened in 2004 because we take time for customer service and education.
  • Our 30 min appointments allow us to explain your options, prognosis and costs and guide you through decisions.
  • You will get thorough information and options and understand your choices.
  • Complicated cases receive follow up calls and emails to guide you through additional decisions and check on progress.
  • We are the only veterinary hospital in Clarksburg who meets your modern day needs through our own custom App, an Online Store and a Pet Portal.

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Managing Costs

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  • Health concerns aren’t always simple or straight-forward. We will get you answers.
  • We persist to get a diagnosis and work with you to choose the best treatment for your pet, your philosophy and your budget.
  • Managing short and long term costs are part of the decision process. We do what makes sense for your pet and keep your total bill lower than most hospitals.
  • Dr. Greta’s 26 years of veterinary experience in Montgomery County gets you the best answers and best resources for specialized care.

Veterinarian in Clarksburg, MD

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Vet in Clarksburg, MD

Preventative Care

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  • Our goal at Clarksburg Animal Hospital is to establish trust and strong relationships with you and your dogs and cats.
  • As we get to know you, we can do an even better job treating your pets and customizing their care to your lifestyle.
  • We utilize many techniques to reduce fear and anxiety in both your pet and you. It makes coming to the vet a more positive experience for all involved.
  • We embrace evaluating behavioral issues. They create stress between you and your pet and we want to keep your relationship healthy.
  • Merging modern medicine and technology with traditional relationships and service is the best of both worlds – a rarity in today’s busy world.

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Our Philosophy

  • Provide Excellent Communication regarding medical care for your dogs and cats.
  • Build Long-Standing Relationships by decreasing fear and establishing trust – in you and your pets. Calmer visits and better communication = better care.
  • Customize Care to the Family. All dogs, cats and humans are unique and our care reflects that. Our great relationships allow us to do an excellent job of this.
  • Provide Excellent Preventative care and identify problems early to maintain good Quality of Life. The easiest way to treat problems is to prevent them by keeping the body and the mind healthy.
  • Be a Responsible Community Member in Clarksburg, Germantown, Boyds, Urbana, Ijamsville, Monrovia, Damascus, Poolesville and beyond.
  • Persist to Get Answers and find the best treatment while managing overall costs.

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Customized Care

  • We customize preventative care and treatment options to balance philosophy, science, personality, alternative options and advanced care so your family’s needs are met.
  • Vaccinations should not be the same for every pet. We adjust vaccine protocols for each pet’s lifestyle and do the minimum for the maximum protection.
  • Nutrition is a critical part of what we do. Many diseases can be managed with diet adjustments and supplements. We’ll help guide you through this confusing world and can provide Nutritional Consultations.
  • Behavior Management is important to keep your relationship with your pet on track. We evaluate personality in puppies and kittens and new rescues to get training on the right track. We distinguish if you’ll need small adjustments or more intense training.

Clarksburg Animal Hospital is proud to provide wellness & preventive care, spay & neuter procedures, animal dental care, surgery, nutritional counseling, vaccinations, microchipping and senior pet care for pets and owners in Clarksburg, Germantown, Boyds, Damascus, Urbana, Ijamsville, Monrovia and the surrounding areas.