Dental Care

Maintaining dental health is an extremely important part of your pet’s overall health. Poor dental health can contribute to tooth decay, a painful mouth, bad breath, tooth abscesses, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease and other organ dysfunction. Both pets and people live longer and healthier when good dental health is maintained.  Plus we all enjoy our pets more when they have fresher breath!

​​As the Best Vet in Clarksburg, we evaluate your pet’s teeth at each annual check-up or the twice a year check-up for those over 6 years. The need for dental care over the life of your dog or cat varies. Some breeds are more prone to dental disease and need more frequent cleanings – up to once or twice a year. Our goal is to prevent damage and tooth loss over the years. Once we determine a need for dental care, we offer a wide array of dental services for your pet to deal with any problems and make a plan for prevention in the future.