Laboratory Services

At Clarksburg Animal Hospital, we offer both in-house and external laboratory services. In house, we offer the following tests (please mouse over the test for more information):

  • 4Dx Test
  • Feline Triple Test
  • Giardia ELISA
  • PCV/TS
  • CBC with partial differential
  • Full Urinalysis
  • Ear and Skin Cytology
  • Cytology of growths by fine needle aspirate
  • Blood Glucose
  • Vaginal Smears

We utilize Reference Labs for all of our other laboratory work. Some of the other lab tests we offer are listed below. Many more tests are available to assist us in diagnosing and monitoring most conditions.

  • Full Blood Chemistry
  • CBC with Complete Differential
  • Lyme Quantitative C6
  • Cultures for bacteria and antibiotic sensitivity
  • Canine Thyroid testing at Michigan State Vet School
  • Biopsies and Cytologies
  • Fecal Flotation by Centrifugation