When your pet has a health concern, do you get full information on the reasons and options for follow-up? You will at The Best Vet in Clarksburg. Our 30 min appointments and follow-up calls allow us to explain your options, prognosis and costs to guide you through decisions. When was the last time you received that level of care and service? You will find caring service here!


Some health concerns aren’t simple or straight-forward. We support you through the process of getting a diagnosis and choosing the best treatment for your pet. We also provide guidance and advice on the best way to manage your costs in the short and long term. Dr. Greta’s 25 years of veterinary experience in Montgomery County gets you the best answers and the best resources for specialized care in the area. Reap the benefits of the relationships we’ve built over the years.


Clarksburg Animal Hospital operates following Dr. Greta’s philosophies to establish strong relationships with you and your pet. We take the time to alleviate fear and anxiety in both you and your pet and create a more positive experience. We embrace evaluating behavioral issues that create stress between you and your pet. We merge modern medicine and technology with traditional relationships and service. You get the best of both worlds – a rarity in today’s busy world. Come experience it!